Welcome to mi casa! (or a little slice of it at least ;)

I’m obsessed with interiors, I love rugs, colors, patterns, and textures.

Maybe I’m so obsessed because I never really had that “homey” feeling growing up.

We moved soooooo many times from AZ to MI back and forth. We lived in FL, WA, and CA. And lived in about

6-9ish homes in Michigan alone haha. We lived like we were ready to move!!!

My dream jobs are: interior decorator and a travel/food/cultural film photographer.

So if anyones looking to refresh their home/apt in the South Florida area send me an email, I would love to help you out

and build my portfolio!


Sofa: American Freight 

Lamp/Rug/Frames/Wall Decor: Target

Coffee Table: Surfurniture

Framed Prints: By Me of Course ;) 

End Table: T.J. Maxx

And some Frenchie I found on the street ;)